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Welcome to AC²OCem

In AC2OCem, pilot-scale experiments, as well as analytical studies, will be performed to bring the key components of oxyfuel cement plants to TRL6 with the aim of reducing the time to market of the oxyfuel technology in the cement sector.

AC²OCem will explore the 1st generation oxyfuel technology for retrofitting, focusing on optimization of the oxyfuel calciner operation and advancing the kiln burner technology for combusting up to 100% alternative fuels with high biogenic share to bring this Bio-CCS solution to TRL6.

The experimental investigations will be complemented by retrofitability analysis to support the technology transfer from TRL6 to TRL8, considering real boundary conditions from 2 cement plants that are selected by ECRA as potential oxyfuel demo plants. Ultimately, the techno-economic evaluations will prepare a guideline for retrofitting oxyfuel in existing cement plants.

Moreover, within AC²OCem, the innovative 2nd generation oxyfuel technology for new-build cement plants, in which the flue gas recycle loop is excluded, will be promoted from TRL2 to TRL6 in key components. An unprecedented oxyfuel kiln burner for highly enriched up to pure oxygen combustion will be for the first time developed and tested in a pilot-scale facility that replicates cement kiln conditions. A novel process design for the 2nd generation oxyfuel technology, associated with high cost-saving potentials, will be introduced. This process design will be optimized and subsequently assessed economically through a techno-economic feasibility study.

The outcome of this techno-economic benchmarking will support the cement industry on how to proceed with decarbonization of the cement sector using the oxyfuel technology. AC²OCem will encompass the environmental sustainability aspects of oxyfuel technologies for retrofitted and new-build cement plants by conducting life cycle assessments.

Results will be exploited and disseminated within the CCS community and the cement industry to maximize the project’s impact.


AC2OCem Final Workshop

- in collaboration with ANICA -

a hybrid event hosted by VDZ in Düsseldorf, Germany

7th and 8th of March 2023